Support groups for families of addicts in Louisville

Support Groups for Families of Addicts in Louisville

Have you found yourself searching for support groups for families of addicts in Louisville or the surrounding area? If so, help is available. Active addiction among close family members can be very stressful. Family members with active addictions incite a lot of discord over their behavior. Tension may be high, and those affected may feel incredibly isolated. Family members are able to find support in order to recognize that they are not alone and don’t feel isolated. Support groups provide a space where people can discuss the issues they’ve experienced without passing judgment or being condemned. 

At Louisville Recovery Center, we know firsthand how addiction affects everyone in the addict’s life. While there are many resources and programs available to help those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, family members and loved ones need support too. We have compiled various support groups that can assist you during this difficult time. 

Support groups for families of addicts in Louisville

Types of Support Groups for Families and Loved Ones

Family members may not have the resources or energy to support loved ones who are addicted, making it an emotionally draining experience. The following are a few organizations that were created to assist in this very situation. 


Families and friends of alcoholics can benefit from Al-Anon, a worldwide recovery program. Supporting someone with alcohol addiction, whether they are recovering or not, can be mentally and emotionally difficult. Al-Anon provides several resources, including tools to locate local meetings, quizzes to determine if the organization’s mission matches your needs, and frequently asked questions to address common issues. 


Alateen is a group dedicated to helping teenagers whose families struggle with alcoholism. Alateen materials, like Al-Anon materials, address issues such as excessive caretaking, low self-esteem, and undue blame and remorse that family members of individuals with alcohol issues typically face. 


Family members and friends of addicts can get assistance through the Nar-Anon 12-step program. Nar-Anon provides assistance through regular meetings where loved one’s drug addictions are addressed. 

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL)

The non-profit Parents of Addicted Loved Ones is run by Christians and operates on the motto ‘People helping people through the woods.’ PAL meetings are regularly scheduled and offer support to parents of drug- or alcohol-addicted children. PAL groups are led by peers and include both educational and sharing components. 

Support groups for families of addicts in Louisville

Families Anonymous 

Families Anonymous is a 12-step program for people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction or behavioral health issues. As with the other programs on this list, Families Anonymous emphasizes the similarities between people in order to demonstrate that many other families are facing the same challenges. 

SMART Recovery Family and Friends 

An alternative to spirituality-based programs like Al-Anon, SMART Recovery Family & Friends is a secular self-management and recovery program. It is a science-based program for family members of individuals with substance use disorders. It offers assistance to those loved ones who want to help those with substance use problems. SMART Recovery Family & Friends has a presence in a lot of locations and employs non-confrontational strategies to assist family and friends deal with addiction. 


GRASP, Grief Recovery After Substance Passing, is a group that provides support for people who have lost someone to addiction and overdose. In this way, GRASP provides more than just a place for those who have lost a loved one to substance abuse and overdose to heal their mental and emotional wounds. 

NAMI Family Support Group 

NAMI offers a wide range of mental health problems for family members of anyone who has experienced symptoms of mental health conditions. It’s free to join and the weekly group is customized for family members. 

Support Groups for Families of Addicts in Louisville 

Support groups are a valuable resource for people seeking to share their problems with others who understand. Addiction can be an isolating experience, and it seems like no one else has ever been through it. However, addiction has serious repercussions for both the person and their family. Family members are often required to support the person’s addiction, and they frequently grieve the loss of their sober loved one. Fortunately, there are various anonymous groups in Louisville, Kentucky to help you feel less alone. The following are support groups for family members in the Louisville region: 


Saturdays 9:30 AM 

Mondays at 8:00 PM

Virtual Meeting 


Sundays at 6:00 PM

First Things First 

Audubon Park United Methodist Church,

3200 Poplar Level Rd.

Louisville, KY 

Tuesdays at 11:00 AM 

Together We Can Make It

St. Stephens United Church of Christ

1875 Farnsley Rd

Louisville, KY 

Fridays at 1:00 PM 

Friday Friends 

Beargrass Christian Church

4100 Shelbyville Rd.

Louisville, KY

NAMI Family Support Group 

Mondays at 6:00 PM 

Virtual Meeting via Zoom 

Meeting ID: 766 6777 4054

Password: 8PpgWq

Every 3rd Thursday at 7:00 PM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Meeting ID: 877 730 721

Password: 4LwgZ6

Every 3rd Saturday at 10:00 AM 

LaGrange Baptist Church 

1139 Commerce Parkway

La Grange, KY 40031

Support for the Family is Important 

Addiction can have a detrimental impact on the mental and physical health of a family. Self-care can be difficult to maintain when you’re focused on your addicted loved one’s actions. You may be preoccupied with your loved one’s actions and how they affect you and other family members. Excessive stress, lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition, and lack of exercise all take their toll. You may experience anxiety and depression symptoms as a result. You must take care of yourselves if you wish to help your addicted loved one. 

Family support groups for people battling drug addiction help establish a feeling of assurance for the individual that they are not alone. Addicts’ families must provide a safe and sober environment for their loved ones. Family units must work together to assist one another in order to establish a strong support system. When clients benefit from a drug-free and sober environment, it is critical that each family member helps contribute to this environment. This can be a game-changer. 

Support groups for families of addicts in Louisville

Louisville Recovery Center is Here to Help You 

At Louisville Recovery Center, we understand the need for support groups for families of addicts in Louisville. Family support is crucial at Louisville Recovery Center, where we help addicts and their families recover. As a result, we offer substance abuse and mental health education, family therapy sessions, and family groups. 

To learn more about our many programs and services, contact a professional at Louisville Recovery Center today. You do not have to struggle with your loved one’s addiction alone. We are here to help. 

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