Louisville Recovery Videos

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EMDR Therapy & Healing Trauma FOR Addiction Recovery

At Louisville Recovery Center, many of our clinicians are trained in EMDR, or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. It’s a simple but interesting process that teaches our brains how to better understand and cope with our past traumas and doubts. In the field of addiction recovery, it makes a world of difference for many people.

Family Therapy FOR Addiction Recovery

When it comes to addiction, it’s important that the entire family is on board. At Louisville Recovery Center, we strive to keep our clients’ families informed and on the same page so that everyone understands what recovery will take.

Equine Therapy for Addiction Recovery

At Louisville Recovery Center, we believe that horses have the ability to help our clients heal from addiction. Our founder, Patrick Dunn, has a long history of working with therapeutic horses and has brought his passion to our Louisville community.

Breath Work & Meditation for Addiction Recovery

At Louisville Recovery Center, we focus on helping our clients holistically heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. We use groundbreaking therapies and techniques using breath work and meditation to give our clients a chance to recenter.

Our History & Mission

At Louisville Recovery Center, we hope to help our clients holistically heal from the burden of addiction. We use an experiential treatment model that focus on mind, body, and spirit. Things like traditional therapy and breath work combined with equine therapy with beautiful horses help our clients learn to experience life without drugs and alcohol.