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Everything You Need To Know About A Weekend Alcoholic

The numbers are staggering. According to recent CDC reports, over 15 million Americans have an alcohol use disorder. Of those, nearly 30% are considered “weekend alcoholics” or binge drinkers – consuming over 4 drinks for women and 5 for men in one sitting.

While it may seem harmless to overindulge on the weekends, weekend alcohol abuse can be a slippery slope to more severe alcohol use disorder and addiction. The negative health impacts are the same whether you binge drink once a week or every day.

If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol. Speaking to a medical professional about treatment options such as therapy, support groups, or outpatient rehabilitation can help you get your weekend drinking under control and reclaim your life. You deserve to enjoy your downtime without relying on the escape of alcohol.

What Is a Weekend Alcoholic?

A weekend alcoholic is someone who binge drinks primarily on the weekends, typically Friday through Sunday. They may seem perfectly functional during the week, holding down a steady job and relationships, but come the weekend. Their main goal is to get drunk.

For the weekend alcoholic, the weekend follows a predictable pattern:

  • Thursday or Friday: The drinking starts, often leading to blacking or browning out.
  • Saturday and Sunday: More excessive drinking, likely with hangovers and memory loss in between.
  • Monday: Sobering up and recovering from the weekend, promising next week will be different.

Many weekend alcoholics deny they have an issue with alcohol because they only drink on the weekends. They feel that since they can abstain during the week, they must not be dependent on alcohol or have a substance abuse problem. However, binge drinking on the weekends can be just as damaging and addictive.

Top 5 Signs You May Be a Weekend Alcoholic

If you find yourself drinking excessively only on the weekends, you could be exhibiting signs of weekend alcoholism. Here are some of the top indicators to watch out for:

You Drink More on Weekends

If you find yourself going out for drinks or staying in and drinking most weekends, this could be a sign you’re a weekend alcoholic. Consistently drinking to excess, primarily on Fridays and Saturdays, is a red flag. Do you make extravagant plans to get drinks or party on the weekends? Do you feel like the weekend isn’t complete without alcohol? These behaviors point to problematic weekend drinking.

Your Personality Changes When Drunk

Pay attention to how your behavior and personality shift while drinking. This is a warning sign if you become loud, angry, or obnoxious after a few too many. Not remembering conversations or actions from the night before is also troubling. Your true self should shine through no matter what day of the week or how much you’ve had to drink.

You Feel Regret or Anxiety After Weekend Drinking

If you wake up on Sunday morning feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or anxious about how much you drank the night before, this is a sign your weekend drinking has become unhealthy. While everyone overindulges at times, frequent feelings of regret or “hangxiety” after weekend partying indicate a bigger issue.

You Hide or Lie About How Much You Drink

Going out of your way to hide how many drinks you’ve had or lying to loved ones about where you’ve been and what you were doing is secretive behavior often seen in weekend alcoholics. If you make up stories to account for lost time or empty bottles, it’s time to evaluate your drinking habits.

Drinking Takes Priority Over Responsibilities

When drinking takes precedence over work or family obligations, especially on weekends, it demonstrates how much control alcohol has over you. If you’re frequently calling in sick on Mondays due to weekend partying or shirking other duties to make time for going out and getting drunk, these are clear signs you may have a problem with binge or weekend drinking.

Tips to Reduce Weekend Drinking

While realizing you may have a problem is the first step, making meaningful changes to your alcohol consumption requires commitment and a plan. Here are some actions you can take to reduce weekend drinking:

  • Avoid triggering situations. If certain people, places, or activities encourage heavier drinking, try to avoid them or modify your participation.
  • Have alcohol-free options on hand. Keep plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available so you have alternatives when cravings strike.
  • Fill your time with other activities. Commit to hobbies, exercise, chores, or socializing that don’t revolve around alcohol. The busier your weekends are, the less you may think about drinking.

Seeking Help for Weekend Alcohol Abuse

Sobriety may seem frightening, especially if you’ve been self-medicating with alcohol for a long time. But living free from addiction will give you peace and clarity you may have forgotten. It’s a challenging journey, but you have much to gain and don’t have to go through it alone.

At Louisville Recovery Center, we provide medically supervised detox, counseling, group therapy, and aftercare programs to help you build the skills and support system for long-term sobriety. Our dedicated team is with you every step, helping you address the underlying causes of your alcohol abuse and giving you the tools to stay committed to your recovery.

Call us at (502) 334-1140 or visit our website to learn more about our alcohol rehab programs. Your sobriety is worth the investment, and the rewards of overcoming weekend alcoholism will change your life in ways you never imagined. 

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